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About Us

Jeff Hood founded JTO in 2014 when he realized there was a need for a roofing company with a family atmosphere in Central Florida. Jeff has always had a passion for helping people. Roofing allowed him and his team at JTO to navigate the complicated world of insurance claims, so the average person could focus on their families and work while we took on the tasks of their insurance claim. JTO uses top-quality shingles and products to withstand the challenges of Florida weather. Our number-one goal is quality. We really take pride in making your roof look amazing. 

Our office operates like one big family. We have great relationships with our community. We get involved with schools and their sport’s teams and initiatives in our community that help the least fortunate. Giving back to the community is a staple of our business.

Roofing & Solar Solutions

We added a solar division recently because we saw an opportunity where we could use our CBC license which allows us to not only work on your roof but underneath your roof in the house. This allows us to build Photovoltaic Systems that have a very symmetrical solar array, not leaving empty spaces because of a vent or a pipe coming through the roof. We will move the obstacle, allowing you to have a very aesthetically pleasing design. We use the best products in the industry that survive the test of time and weather to look great 10 and 20 years down the road. We work hard to make your roof look great, and we don’t want to clutter your roof with a badly designed solar array.

Everyone at JTO is highly focused on doing right by our customers. We really are a customer service company, and roofing and solar opens the door to making great relationships. 

Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide ethical relationships that provide 100% satisfaction. We perform roofing and solar services through a team-oriented environment that provides our customers and community with a stable, growing, profitable company that is dedicated to excellence and service

The JTO Difference

We use quality materials and JTO Roofing and Solar employees to install your roof. We don't use subcontractors or under the table labor. Everyone on your roof is a W-2 Employee of JTO Contracting/JTO Roofing and Solar. Everyone is insured, protecting your home against claims if anything unfortunate were to ever happen on the job. Every job has a production manager inspecting your roof is done right.

Let Us Do Your Roof and Solar

We would like to be your contractor of choice when it comes to both roofing and solar. The best time to install solar is when you change your roof out. As we install the roof, we will use a double lament under the shingles, so the roof will seal better around the roofing penetrations. We have seen solar companies and roofing companies debating over who is responsible for a leak. By having one company for both products, there will never be that debate. We would just fix it. The good news is we do great installs, so you will most likely never have that problem.

Both parts of our business use the top products in our industries, giving your roof a great aesthetic appearance.

Learn more about our company and skilled contractors today! Just give us a call or fill out our online form to get started with your roof or solar estimate.

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