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Benefits of Going Solar

You may be on the fence about whether or not to install solar power panels on your home. It is a big upfront investment, but one that can potentially bring tons of savings in the future. There are also many other reasons to transition to solar power as a backup or everyday source of energy.

What kinds of benefits can you expect when you have JTO Roofing & Solar install a solar system on your property?

Benefits of Hiring a Solar Company

Solar power panels have come a long way in the last few years. From more streamlined, lightweight panels to user-friendly power monitoring and usage apps, the technology is so much easier for homeowners to use than in the dark ages of car battery storage systems. More than that, solar power offers greater benefits in general like:

  • Environmental Friendliness: Everyone has heard about how solar power is better for the environment. Solar panels allow homeowners to cut back on power from other sources, like coal-burning plants, which put dangerous chemicals and CO2 into the air.
  • Extreme Flexibility: You can use solar power anywhere as long as sun hits the panels on occasion. In Orlando and Sanford, sunny days are in abundance, too.
  • Boosted Home Value: These days, home buyers are very interested in properties with solar power. Upgrading a home with solar can boost property values by as much as $15,000.
  • Lower Electricity Bills: Solar power can reduce the cost of your utilities by providing power, at least some of the time, to your home. The amount you save will depend on how high your electric bill rates are and the amount of power produced by your panels.

Learn More About Our Solar Solutions

If you would like to learn more about how solar can benefit your family, reach out to JTO Roofing & Solar for a free consultation. We'll set up a meeting with a solar expert who can explain our installation process and determine how much energy a solar panel system can produce for your home. Customers also turn to us for help as a professional roofing company.​

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