Florida Homeowners what a great time to get a new roof and a Photovoltaic Solar System. When these two hurricanes ripped through Central Florida in 2022 our roof teams have been very busy filing claims and installing new roofs! Our teams have found many roofs damaged from the storm and helped homeowners throughout the Orlando Sanford Metro area to make claims with their home owner’s insurance and obtain new roofs. So with that beautiful new roof on the way it is time to consider going solar. In August 2022 the tax credit went back to 30% after going down to 26% for a while. Did you know you can roll over that tax credit for 5 years? So if you cannot use it all in the year of your installation you can roll it over to the next year.

Fortunately, JTO Contracting Roofing and Solar can assist you with both parts of this project. Since we will be doing the roof and the solar if any future work is needed we would take care of it under our warranties in case there was any future storms. One of our roofing professionals for the roof and one of our energy consultants to help engineer the perfect solar system for your needs. Doing this all under one roof, no pun intended, we will work with you every step of the way to achieve the perfect roof and rooftop solar. 

Our roofing professionals will help navigate you through the claims process. Let our professionals deal with the day to day claims process with your home owner’s insurance. They will also assist in building the perfect roof for you!

Our energy consultants will sit down and talk about your energy goals. Do you want to eliminate 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your electric bill? We have easy finance options to assist you in this project. We use SunPower Panels which are known for the industry’s best efficiency, warranty and production. They are also very aesthetically pleasing to make the whole project look great. We don’t just sell you a solar system we educate the consumer so you understands how your system will work and what you are getting the top components in the industry. 

So, the storm has brought us opportunity. Take advantage of this opportunity to capitalize on the storm damage with your roof and tax credits for the solar install to battle the inflation of electricity. We look forward to assisting you with this project. Give us a call today at (407) 871-6157 or reach us on the web at https://jtoroofingandsolar.com/

We would be honored to be your contractor.