You have a southern facing roof on the front of your house and your concerned about the aesthetics of your home. 2 advantages JTO Contracting Roofing and Solar can bring to the table. First off, we are using Maxeon Panels. These panels are the top in the industry on many levels:

1) Efficiency – Maxeon Panels deliver more efficiency than any other panel in the industry. At 22% leads residential panels in the market place.

2) Warranty – 40 -year production warranty including parts, labor and shipping. All industry leading production guarantee. This warranty ensures you will produce 60% more power to the nearest competitor.

3) Aesthetics – In 25 years Maxeon Panels look the same as the day we installed them. Many panels on the market discolor over time. 

4) Sustainability – JTO Contracting/JTO Roofing and Solar have been around since 2014. We have a location you can visit as well as a warehouse when purchasing from us. 

If aesthetics is important to you, JTO Contracting Roofing and Solar can install a system you will be proud of years to come. JTO also being a roofer can move vents or pipes to allow for a symmetrical design you will be proud to show to friends, family and neighbors. A typical Solar Installer or company with just a roofing license can’t make these changes.

This is the advantage using a General Contractor on your roof and solar job. Give us a call at (407) 732-7500. Savings, aesthetics and more power.