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Lake Mary Solar Panels Installers

The Sunshine State is the perfect place to take your home solar—especially these days when there are tons of quality solar roofing systems available for installation. The team to do the job right for you? That's JTO Roofing & Solar!

We are a solar roofing company that has served Lake Mary since 2014. Our team is proud to bring homeowners a cost-effective and long-lasting method of alternative energy in these days when inflation is impacting everyone.

We're ready to help you find out more about:

  • Solar Installers
  • Benefits of Solar
  • Solar Systems
  • Solar Cleaning

Comprehensive Solar Installers

We're fully trained and certified solar installers who are also experienced roofing contractors. Our team knows how to install your solar panel roofing with a minimum amount of damage to your existing roof. Our team is also prompt and professional. They will help you determine how many residential solar panels to install on your roof and where to locate them. In fact, we'll take care of the entire process, from the initial assessment to a final follow-up.

The Benefits of Solar

There are tons of benefits to solar roof installation. In addition to providing a backup source of energy when the power goes out, solar panels can also provide all of your day-to-day energy. With a battery system in place, you can even provide for your energy needs on days when it's not sunny. Installing a solar roof can even increase the value of your Orlando and Sanford home.

Industry-Leading Solar Systems

Our solar panel company works with industry-leading solar companies to provide systems that last and meet all of our customers’ needs. Our products come from brands like SunPower and Enphase, both of which are known for providing a complete solar roofing package including batteries, if desired. These solar systems are also backed by long-lasting product warranties to protect your investment.

Solar Cleaning Services

It’s necessary to maintain your solar roofing from time to time. That's a job our solar installers can also take care of for you. We provide solar panel cleaning to extend the lifespan of your solar power panels and boost energy production. How so? When dust and debris build up on solar panels, it can affect how much energy they are able to pull from the sun's rays. A quick clean using the appropriate equipment will allow more light to be absorbed by the panels, making them good as new.

Learn More About Our Solar Roofing in Lake Mary

JTO Roofing & Solar can tackle your solar roof installation. Our Lake Mary roofing company is happy to provide a free cost estimate for the project. We can also help you with other services like roofing. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started right away.