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Ocoee Solar Panels Installers

Since 2014, JTO Roofing & Solar has been the go-to team for all things roofing and solar power related. We help homeowners bring their properties into the 21st century with premium residential solar panels. Our Ocoee, FL roofing company is also dedicated to professional service without breaking the bank. We strive to keep our solar panel roofing services cost-effective, so customers get more out of it than they put in.

We are happy to help you with:

  • Solar Installers
  • The Benefits of Solar
  • Solar Systems
  • Solar Cleaning

Full-Service Solar Installers

We want you to feel comfortable having our team work on your property. To that end, we maintain high standards in education and skill for our employees. Our solar roofing company also makes sure that every member of our team is an in-house employee. Our solar installers are fully licensed and trained roofers too.

The Benefits of Solar Installation

Customers often come to us with questions about why they should get solar roof installation on their properties. Yes, solar roofing can help reduce your electric bills. But did you know that with a powerful solar roofing system and the right battery storage, you can almost completely eliminate your electric bill?

Plus, there are tons of other benefits of solar installation. Updating your roof with solar even helps increase property value. In this day and age when the housing market is unpredictable, a solar roof can give you an edge that makes your property more attractive to buyers.

Branded Solar Systems

As an Ocoee solar company, we strive to use the best products available on every customer's roof. Our team of solar roofing contractors works with leading names Enphase and SunPower. These brands are known for providing long-lasting warranties. For instance, a SunPower complete confidence warranty lasts for 25 years. These companies also provide everything that is needed for a complete solar power system, including batteries.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Over time, your existing solar power panels can develop a buildup of dirt and debris that hinders their efficiency. To keep your system in tip-top shape, the solution is regular solar panel cleaning. It's best to have experts take care of this process to avoid damaging your solar power system. Our team of solar installers can provide swift and efficient solar panel cleaning to boost the longevity of your system and improve its power production.

Find Out More About Our Ocoee Solar Panel Company

JTO Roofing & Solar is happy to provide help with solar panel installation and maintenance. For a free consultation and quote on your new solar roofing, give us a call. We'll set up an appointment with an Ocoee solar expert. We can also help you with roof repairs and replacement as your go-to roofing company.